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31 October 2020 @ 12:00 am

• Yep. This journal is officially Friends Only. But feel free to add me. I like new friends! :D

• Commenting this post isn't really necessary as much as it's appreciated. I'd prefer to be forewarned or at least know why you're adding me when you do. :>

• Drop me a comment from time to time if you do add me. It's nice to know when people pay attention, you know? XD

• I love lots of things; my friends, Prince of Tennis, TutixNagayan, Genki, & so on. Offend any of those and you might not wanna talk to me. xD Just a warning. :D

- - - -

♠ Friends Only banner is credited to: moeruze_burning! Thank you! ♥

♦ TutixNagayan picture in the banner is credited to: kooriyoukai at tutixnagayan. :D

♥ ( ^ 0 ^)b

- - - -

Officially my Genki layout is gone due to complications with the person that deserves the credit. So, seeing as I am unworthy of friendship, I do not deserve to keep the layout. Thank you.

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02 November 2008 @ 03:29 pm
Even in a skirt, Niou semes Yagyuu.


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29 October 2008 @ 12:33 pm
Not having Internet makes me miss seeing things like this:

ashgfaskasdh,asldifas;FUCKYES. *o*

I want my Internet back, so I can hardcore RP Baba approving of Masa's sudden fucking sexy wetness. Yes. Baba does indeed approve.

Just as much as I approve of the Niou/Yagyuu/Joe OTP, wut?

I miss RP with Tezuka. :(


If anyone has the lyrics to Masa's song 'Thank you', please share? I'll love you forever. :D :D :D

Actually, lyrics to every Masa song would be nice. Though I don't need the lyrics to 'START!', 'Sun will shine away', or 'Your Story'. I have those. :'<

And Tezuka..

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